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The August 14, 2018 release of Crossing the Line brings to five, the number of my novels published by Bold Strokes Books, and in October, the award-winning Night Voice will become the first of them to be released in audiobook format.  It still seems hard to believe; the thrill doesn't get old.


They say you never forget your first, and without a doubt, Stick McLaughlin: The Prohibition Years will forever hold a special place in my heart. Winning the Golden Crown Literary Society's Debut Author Award for it will always be one of those "coolest moments ever." And switching from historical romance to try my hand at contemporary romance proved quite successful, although at times, just as serious. Exchange, Night Voice, and Nantucket Rose are popular choices among readers, and the latter two even became finalists for the GCLS 2018 awards. Night Voice brought home my second award, this one for Best Contemporary Romance, and made for a very special night at the Las Vegas conference.

All five novels are listed here with back-cover blurbs.

Stick's back & she's brought friends!New in August, follow-up is a stand-alone adventure

For Stick “Mac” McLaughlin, it’s all about family: the stalwart friends, her former gang of bootlegging hijackers, and, above all, her lover and their daughter. So when New York mobsters begin squeezing the livelihood of new friend Rey, a veteran rum-runner on rural Lake George, Mac lends Rey resources but remains safely distant from enemies in her own Underworld past.

Grateful for help, Rey opens her back-woods life to Mac’s seasoned, gun-toting crew, but never expects it to include the likes of petite bombshell Millie. The buxom, wily spitfire’s gumption and sass are as vital to the cause as they are aggravating…and beguiling.

But the Mob soon discovers a nemesis from Mac’s past within its ranks, and, in the ultimate retaliation, draws Mac from anonymity by threatening everything she holds dear. Now, to finally end this deep-woods nightmare, Mac must cross the line with a vengeance.







There's a lot more

than Ptown radio talk

in this popular romance!

For lesbians in Provincetown, seductive Sable is more than just a bedroom voice on late-night radio. Through her talk show, Nightlight, she is a fun, anonymous friend and confidante, until one mysterious caller attracts her attention.


Behind Sable’s “mask,” Murphy Callahan allows herself to enjoy the no-strings radio relationship—she’s mourned the death of her partner for three years—and ignores the growing attachment as their very public conversations push permissible limits.


But when local tradeswoman Riley Burke enters her life, Murphy faces a difficult choice:  continue the safe, “night voice” fantasy or risk the reality of falling in love. If only she could have both…

Maggie Jordan can’t wait to convert the historic Nantucket home into a B&B and move on to her next project. However, her intention to “flip” it for a sizeable profit is something she must keep to herself, if she hopes to win the acceptance of islanders and popularize the business. She can’t afford to grow attached to the house, or succumb to Nantucket’s quaint charms, and definitely must not fall in love.

But neither can Maggie resist the conundrum that is Ellis Chilton, a reserved, solitary islander and mariner since childhood. Seemingly content being attached only to her boat and the ocean, Ellis projects a refreshing air of independence, an aura of conviction and grit that tugs Maggie ever closer to a decision that will alter both their lives.

When the fog clears,

what emerges just might

change your life













Times are tough for sixteen-year-old Stick McLaughlin, running from a trumped up arson charge and hiding among hobos in 1918 Boston. Denied the companionship and support of lifelong soul mate Ellie, Stick edges her way through prison as “Mac,” only to be thrust alone and wide-eyed into the very definitely Roaring Twenties. She swallows what’s left of her pride through the final year of her sentence—serving as maid to a wealthy family--but stockpiles many invaluable lessons about rapidly-changing life in 1924.


Confrontations with bootleggers and a particularly enthralling flapper go a long way toward molding a strong, confident, clever “Mac,” who hits the streets with a gang of her own, determined to claim the good life she deserves by beating the corrupt system and Boston’s ethnic mobs at their own game. Little does she know that the lost love she’s mourned for years is closer than she thinks. But have time and circumstance conspired against her once and for all?

A triumph that promises

to stick with you


Shay Maguire doesn’t realize how much of a fresh start she wants until she meets local newspaper editor Mel Baker and rural Tomson, Montana. Can she swallow being on the “dark side” of a town-wide development controversy if that sweet, sassy editor sees her as the enemy?


Jeopardizing revenue with her anti-development crusade, Mel earns Shay’s respect and empathy, but frustration mounts when Shay learns fear of devastating financial loss keeps Mel from revealing her lesbianism.

What Shay doesn’t know is that Mel’s life is controlled by a much stronger family secret. Just eight months shy of relief, with both her newspaper and now a long-sought love hanging in the balance, Mel’s self-determination is put to the test. Dare she stand her ground? And will Shay still be there when the dust settles?

Self determination. 

If everything's on the line,

would you take that step?

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