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July 30, 2018

Sometimes, you think the fates must be against you. Trying to formulate a storyline for my novel, sitting in my “lucky workplace,” just hasn’t been cutting it. Of course, the “lucky” part of the workplace could be to blame.

Now, granted, as a retiree and oh-so-fortunate to write wherever and for as long as I can, this primo spot is my back deck, under the umbrella at the patio table. However, this assumes there’s a table. And a deck. And air that’s suitable for humans and not saturated enough for fish.

The deck became an issue this spring, after four consecutive Nor’easters destroyed the indestructible coating I labored to put down last summer. Not only did chunks of it peel like wallpaper, but it sealed moisture into the wood for weeks. The prospect of sanding it all off for a do-over made me seethe and my knees ache. Refusing to deal with such calamity ever again, we opted for composite, no-maintenance decking. And June and half of July passed before the pretty new floorin...

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With my sweetie Kathy

at Bubala's By the Bay in Ptown.

Women's Week, 2013 --

when she proposed!

Fighting with effervescent author Kris Bryant for one of our friend Nadine's famous brownies. Boston Pride 2016.

That's jokester authors

Holly Stratimore & Jean Copeland

doing the photobombing. 


Chessa goes nuts for her

monthly BarkBox goodies

("luv you, Auntie Kris")

and has to show you

the newest critter--

before she destroys it. 

I'm honored to call the illustrious

Lee Lynch my friend!

Post Office Café, Ptown, WW, 2013


I'm busy working on my blog posts. Watch this space!

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