Above: With Kathy on our wedding day, May 21, 2016. Below: With my "brutha" Bill, performing in Easton, MA.

About Me

By way of introduction, here's the official bio:  "A recent telecommunications retiree, CF Frizzell ("friz") is the recipient of both the Golden Crown Literary Society's 2015 Debut Author Award for Stick McLaughlin: The Prohibition Years, and the 2018 Best Contemporary Mid-length Romance Award for Night Voice.  Friz discovered her passion for writing in high school, and went on to establish an award-winning twenty-two-year career in community newspapers, culminating in the role of founder/publisher. She credits powerhouse authors Lee Lynch, Radclyffe, and the generous family that is Bold Strokes Books for inspiration. Friz is into history, New England pro sports teams, and singing and acoustic guitar, and loves living on Cape Cod with her wife, Kathy."

So, I’m a “Dorchester girl,” which means I’m a Boston native, and spent the formative years absorbing everything the city’s neighborhood offered. Beyond that period, it was suburbia for me, south of Boston and primarily in “America’s Hometown,” Plymouth. I blame my crazy imagination on many things, among them being an only child, having  very understanding parents, and the wild blur of the 1970's. 


The lengthy newspaper career certainly helped me achieve "grown-up" status, but smothered my creative writing muse. It took a drastic career shift (telecommunications?  me?) and many more years before I admitted that the muse had become too insistent to ignore. She finally poked her head up into the daylight and asked (with considerable exasperation, I might add), "Why aren't you writing?"

And so I started. My first novel, Stick McLaughlin: The Prohibition Years, became a reality in October 2014, and I retired two months later. Since then, with the amazing support of my wife, Kathy, I’ve been able to live the dream, and, trust me, no words can properly express my gratitude for her love and her spirit.

As for those other interests, I confess to being a sucker for history (everything from old buildings to swords), pro football (not the NFL itself--I'm a wicked NE Patriots fan, after all), and our chocolate Lab puppy Chessa. But they're all topped by my life-long love for making music. And nothing beats having friends nearby, whether in the living room or around a camp fire...or strolling through your website.

Thank you for reading. I'm glad you stopped by.

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